Our Services


We offer routine consultations exclusively for cats and dogs. No appointment necessary.


The most effective way of ensuring long-term protection against several highly infectious diseases is through vaccinations. Routine vaccinations allow your pets to build up immunity. This immunity will help them fight off these diseases should they come into contact with them. We offer both routine and optional vaccinations with no appointment necessary.


We provide a wide range of both routine and emergency services. Routine surgeries are performed Monday to Friday by appointment only.


We are fortunate enough to maintain an in-house laboratory, allowing us to perform comprehensive profiles (blood chemistry), full blood counts, and urinalyses. We also have an x-ray machine to assist with relevant work-ups.


A proven aid in locating lost pets; microchipping is a permanent form of electronic identification. Chip implantation is quick and the chip is active immediately. Also with the fairly recent introduction of a mobile app, registering your pet’s microchip has never been so simple. 

Dental Care

Oral health plays an important role in your pet’s overall health. We provide routine scaling and polishing as well as full mouth extractions. These procedures are performed Monday to Friday and by appointment only.

Extra Services

Nail Clip

Anal Gland Expression

Complimentary Weight Check

Food Shop

Choose from a wide array of prescription and non-prescription foods. We will also special order food for you as long as it is a brand we stock.